ITCOY Development Group is a home owner's perfect choice when it comes to home remodeling or rehab.  We specialize in outer & interior decorating with special technicians and designers that makes your home ever so beautiful!  We also have several layouts after sending specialist to your home to help you make great choices.  You as a home owner also can suggest and present your very own designs and layouts and we will gladly fulfill your needs and desires for a beautiful home!


To designers with wonderful experiences in choices of remodeling.

We have special licensed electrical technicians for any special installations.

Licensed Carpenters with top experience for your building needs.


“My wife and I couldn't have made a better choice with ITCOY.”

John Smith, San Francisco, CA

“Thanks ITCOY DG, great job!  We love our home so much until we hardly leave it.”

Mary Wells, Atlanta Georgia

“My husband and I were looking for an experienced company with great rates. ITCOY Development Group is the greatest!.”

Lilian Jones, St Louis MO

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